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My time!

What do you feel if u'r hungry and there's nothing to eat! Nothing in your kitchen. What do u feel huh?
I FEEL LIKE I'M DYING.. Seriously,  last night was the most terrible night. I just ate nasi kukus for lunch. Nothing for 
breakfast.. And i just waiting for my dinner... Waiting and waiting.. I feel like i'm gonna dying again. 
For the first time, i just eat nasi kukus in one day! 
Believe me, if i tell my friend about this, they will never believe it!
mati hidup balek pon dorang xkan caye tau T_T
so at 9pm, i planned to call mcd as everybody were so lazy to take me there -.-
But my sis tell me that 'dah lapa lg nak mkn mknn segera. suruh abg bie belikan la nasi grg ke'
And in accident, abg bie has just got back from somewhere

'Abg bie, belikan makanan.. aku lapa T_T'
'Mknn? hmm'
'Ala bolehla.. lapa kuasa tiga ni.....*puppyface*'
'tunggu aku mandi dlu..'

YEAY!!!!!!! I WANT USA FRIED RICE.. hungry.....
10.30- why you take a bath so long -.- i decided to text him

'abg bie, bleh ke tak? kalau x, aku nak kol mcd'

long time... no answer....... -.-
Suddenly, i saw his handphone on the table beside me
and i was like

What did he do upstairs?? why he took so long -_______-
my sis asked me to take a look