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smoking trend among teenagers

Now , smoking is a trend among teenagers . Smoking is a bad habit . It causes lung cancer , depression and addictive . These are well - known facts . So why are our teens into trying a puff ? why do they feel that their need is so great that they go behind their parents just to have a cigarette . They don't realize that they'll be the black sheep in their family . not only boys , girls also have the craving to smoke cigarettes .
 ' To look mature ' . that's why teens choose to smoke even though it is a bad habit . Some teenagers have said that they smoke to appear older and more grown up especially if they are surrounded by young adults who smoke . It was if they thought , "Hey , look at me , I can do this so I'm more adult . " Boys always make this as their reason to smoke .
        Besides , peer pressure also the reason why teens smoking . This is one of the biggest reason that teens start smoking . They do it because their friend do . For the most part , adults who smoke now started as teenagers . It is important to realize that must teens get their first cigarette from friends .
       For some , teens smoking can help them lose a few pounds . Instead of eating , many teens , especially girls will smoke a cigarette . This satisfies a craving and keeps their minds off food . In a culture obsessed with image , teens smoking can help some teenagers achieve the look they want .
      Smoking cigarettes can harm almost every organ in your body , from top to bottom and inside and out . Moreover , it is only now that doctors are beginning to discover the true extent of the harm that smoking can cause to a person's health of those around her or him .
       Smoking can causes premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin . This more pronounced around the eyes and mouth and is usually more noticeable in heavy smokers . The colour of the skins is also affected smokers do not usually have a healthy glowing skin , but more of a grayish tone on the face and yellowish tar - stained  fingers . Smoking also destroy collagen and elastin , which are needed to maintain a young looking and healthy skin .
       Overall , smoking has been linked to athird of all death of cancer . Smoking can causes cancer of throat , mouth , lungs and others . Life is not a bed of roses . You may die easily if you get the cancer .
       Some studies have linked smoking , especially heavy smoking with severe back pain . It is thought  that this is because smoking inhibits blood flow to the area of the spine , which would make it more vulnerable to injury . A smoker constant cough would also have an adverse effect on the back .
       It is never too late to mend . A smoker can reduces cigarettes slowly . They must make themselves busy to forget their craving to smoking . They can also make ney hobby . It can reduces their craving to take cigarette .
      Once they have decided 100% for definite and no going back that they want to quit smoking , choose a specific date on which to give up and mark it on their calender or in their diary preferably in a bright pen .. In doing so , each time they glance at the calender page or check their diary , seeing the marked date will fuel their motivation and remind them of the task ahead .
     Smoking not only endengers the smoker himself but also those who inhale secondary smoke exhaled by smokers . In view of the many dangers of smoking , more smoking cessation programme should be introduced to smokers .